All alphas in this category were made by Jayme. These alphas are free
for use to decorate emails, message board postings and non-profit webpages.
These alphas must not be altered and may not be included in any other
collections without prior written consent from Jayme.

To get the url for each letter of the style you want:
1. Click on a letter of the style you want.
2. Change the letter in the url
(example: gingerosea.gif (letter a) to gingerosek.gif (letter k)).
Numbers 0 - 9 are also available with some of the sets.

By clicking on the style of alpha you want below you are able
to get the entire set. Most of these are animated. If you are
unable to seperate the letters and need them individually you can
request them from Jayme.

Silver Disco
Pink Sparkle
Butterfly Glow
Wet Paint
Fool's Gold
Pink Spokes
Bengal Tiger
Police Lights
Glow -N- Bow
Groovy small
Copper Foil
Gold Nugget
Fantasy Sparkle
Salt & Pepper
Teal Grid
Pink Pagoda
Brick Wall
Halloween (black)
Halloween (white)
Dew Drops

Want a timepiece? Jayme can make one with any image you would like.
To get your timepiece, email Jayme by clicking his name here: Jayme.
Do not change the subject in the email or it may be deleted.
Jayme's timepieces are available exclusively through Ginger's Gifs!
Here are some samples:
classic car:
another fairy:
hot rod:
another hot rod:

Want one of your photos animated? Jayme will do it! Click *HERE* to send
Jayme your picture. Family, friends or pets, Jayme will make your photo fun!
No pornographic images, please. Your photo must be sent to Jayme in
electronic form, this means your photo must already be scanned. Jayme will not
scan your photos. If you need your photos scanned, Ginger has a scanning
service for WebTV/MSNTV users. All the information you need to have your
photos scanned by Ginger is available *HERE*.

Limit three animated photos per person, per week please.

Now lets have some fun!

NOTE: Jayme has thousands of effects not limited to just those you see here.

Here are some before and after samples!




If you would like a Signature Tag made for you, email Jayme with
your request (do not change the subject of the email or it may
be deleted). If you have favorite images that you like, give Jayme
THREE suggestions, and he will find something appropriate. You should
state your age group, and something about yourself that will assist Jayme
in finding the appropriate image.. Do NOT suggest any pornographic
images, those requests will be deleted without consideration....
Jayme has thousands of images and effects not limited to just
those on the samples. He can also use your images
if you send them to him.
***Please, only 3 requests per week, per person. Thanks!***

Feel Free To Sign Ginger's Guestbook As Well!

Here are some sample signature tags:
Denise style 2:
Ginger style 2:
Jayme style 2: