animated football player:
abl logo:
spinning basketball:
football helmet that shows all teams! (animated):
spinning football:
another animated football player:
nba (animated):
indy banner:
nascar #24:
wolfpac (animated):
animated snowboarder:
basketball and net:
a football animation:
nfl football:
animated baseball with bat:
bouncing basketball:
small red ball bouncing:
soccer ball:
animated skateboarder:
animated free throw:
sports on tv:
baseball mickey mouse:
golfball with animated face:
big spinning baseball:
animated chicago bulls logo:
wnba logo:
hand using a yo-yo:
animated cheerleader:

animated purple heart:
animated red heart:
animated heart line:
heart changes colors:
animated rainbow heart:
another animated heart line:
animated marble heart:
animated heart bar:
group of hearts changes colors:
animated kiss:
a gold and a silver heart:
two hearts getting shot by arrow:
spinning heart outline:
arrow pierces pink heart:
big animated heart:
animated valentine:
spinning red heart:
he loves me, he loves me not:
animated love letter:

gold star spinning:
gold star flickers:
green star spins:
star changes colors:
star twinkles in different colors:
glowing star:
animated sun:
"real" star (animated):
animated moon with face:
a bolt of lightning strikes:
spinning tornado:
neon star:
neon moon with star:
moon with animated stars:
small blue star spinning:
from day to night:
moon with shooting star:
BIG moon:
spinning purple moon and star:
sun waves at you:
silver moon spinning:
small spinning planet:
animated stars:
pretty animated stars:
red moon spinning:
multicolored moon spinning:

color changing diamond:
animated usa flag:
faucet dripping:
from day to night in the desert:
treasurechest (animated):
animated fireworks:
more animated fireworks:
animated alien:
animated jukebox:
animated red lava lamp:
animated blue and green lava lamp:
animated x-mas tree type lights:
animated colorful swirled ball:
spinning ying yang:
spinning red and black ying yang:
tiny ball changes colors:
animated rainbow tornado?:
spiderman running:
animated red alien:
animated human eyeball peeking through hole:

stickman juggles:
animated candle:
animated tunnel ride:
castle and knight (animated):
animated color square:
animated diamond:
another animated diamond:
yes, another animated diamond:
flashing police lights:
slinky "walks" downstairs:
color changing traffic light:
animated ?:
animated police car:
gold fireworks (animated):
pac man (animated):
another animated pac man:
pot of gold (animated):