Be afraid, be very afraid.

scorpion crawling:
black rose dripping blood:
crow eating something bloody:
mean bat flying at you:
animated skull:
animated ghoul:
animated knight:
big red eyes blinking:
big glowing red skull:
animated druid:
flaming torch:
animated evil spirit:
blood dripping line:
animated jack-o-lantern:
skull beckons you:
small animated eyes:
red moon spinning:
red dragon with wings walking:
spinning neon green crossbones:
evil cat:
animated skeleton:
one animated eyeball:
animated skull lights:
vanishing skull (very cool):
killer appears in the window:
michael meyers (animated, very scary):
gargoyle with animated colorful lightning:
black cat in front of orange moon:
red coffin with flashing cross:
graveyard by moonlight:
flickering candle sitting on skull:
another animated torch:

Can you handle some more?

flickering candle:
barbed wire:
flaming fire:
ghost fades in and out:
animated cat and pumpkins:
pumpkin lights (line):
for whom the bell tolls:
ugly demonic dragon:
animated sorceress:
wolf from the darkside:
dancing skeletons (line):
line of headstones:
witch flies by moon:
animated blue bat:
mean vampire bat flying:
black crawling spider:
big spider moving it's legs:
eerie red swaying "skullspider":
evil ghost flies at you:
evil ghoul:
like that tales from the crypt guy:
skull candelabra:
scary werewolf:
headless horseman:
animated wizard:
animated chalice:
ghoul bursts into flames:
animated fortuneteller:
another animated fire:
skull with glowing red eyes rotates:
spinning sword:
flaming line:
blazing line:
dragon blows smoke rings:
"cute" gargoyle:
realistic vampire:
animated candelabra:
animated gargoyle:
animated horror (the word):
flashing jack-o-lantern:
skull changes colors:
animated scream (the movie):
animated scream 2 (the movie):
scream mask (awesome):
skull gives you the finger:
evil page-hit counter:
animated 3d skeleton:
animated light line:
skull opens and closes it's mouth:
witch stirs her brew:
skeleton spins:
skeleton in casket sits up:
another graveyard by moonlight:
headstone (animated):
haunted mansion:
animated mummy:
flaming fire in a cauldron:
another animated skull:
"crystal" skull:
skull on sword spins:
another realistic vampire:
animated witch:
devil line:
ghost spins:
red pentagram spins:
another color changing skull:
a large tarantula:
evil steer skull (animated):
waiting for the perfect man: