autumn leaves:
flowers with animated hummingbird:
animated color line:
pink rose vine:
animated blue stars:
animated rainbow line:
animated purple:
animated diamonds:
multicolored diamonds:
pink roses with animated butterfly:
flowers, ivy & butterflies:
peacock feathers:
usa stars:
green snake:
black cows, green grass:
candy corn:
animated stars:
animated pumpkin lights:
dancing skeletons:
animated skull lights:
dripping blood line:
graveyard line:
more animated hearts:
barnyard animals:
spining rainbow line:
flaming line:
another flaming line:
animated red heart line:
cow line:
cool cow bar:

animated snoopy:
bevis bangs his head:
bevis and butthead head bang:
animated oscar the grouch:
animated elmo:
animated cookie monster:
scooby doo:
cat in the hat:
animated lion king:
another animated lion king:
cheshire cat disappears:
spiderman running:
animated superman:
animated batman:
animated subzero:
snow white:
animated hello kitty:
animated pink panther:
pooh and piglet:
animated pooh:
another animated pooh:
animated tigger:
animated bambi and thumper:
animated daffy:
animated bugs bunny:
animated taz:
animated tweety:
sylvester and son (animated):
yogi bear:
animated cartman:
kenny dies (Oh my god!):
kenny dies again (They killed Kenny!):
kyle moons you:
chef sings:
animated south park faces:
kenny in the grab-o-lux (animated):
chef sings again:
south park line:
peter pan:
mickey mouse:
minnie mouse:
mickey and minnie mouse:
animated garfield:

frog eats fly:
cute animated ostrich:
raccoon steals egg:
small red horse running:
pegasus lands and flys off again:
dog laps up water:
animated velociraptor:
cat turns into cougar:
cat moves it's head:
animated clam:
butterfly lands on flowers:
baby dolphin swimming:
bear with balloons (animated):
cat cleans itself:
crabs run across screen:
animated foxes:
frog jumps across screen:
shark chomps:
animated alligator:
another animated alligator:
greyhound with changing number:
pelican eats a line of fish:
smokey the bear (animated):
mother and baby horse running:
endangered (animated):
tiger running:
an animated cow:
two cows:
stuffed cow:
a very funny animated cow:
black and white cow:
brown and white cow:
cow chews cud:
mountain goat:
big cow face:
spinning cow:
another cud chewing cow:

alien waves at you:
ugly alien blinks:
another alien blinks:
yes, another blinking alien:
animated red alien:
animated alien:
animated ufo:
mean alien:
devil alien (animated):
animated saucer:
alien blinks again:
another animated saucer:
another animated ufo:
animated rocket bar:
alien eye looks around:
alien abduction (animated):
another animated ufo:
another animated ufo:
alien head (these two go):
believe (great together):