coyote howls:
two white wolves run across screen:
animated southwestern bar:
wolf howls at the moon:
wolf running:
wolf howls:
white wolf running:
dream catcher and peace pipe:
large coyote:
southwestern bar:
small buffalo:
must see:
indian man with wolves:
indian bear:
indian man with bear:
buffalo bar:
little indian girl:
steer skull:
southwestern line:
wild wind:
red wolf in moon:
indian girl with wolf:
wolf eyes:
outline of wolf with animated stars inside:
wolf dream catcher (beautiful):
wolf howling:
background: black w/wolf:
wolf/half moon background:
embossed wolf background:
indian girl with wolves background:

animated candy cane line:
animated merry christmas:
christmas fence:
another animated merry christmas:
yes, another animated merry christmas:
animated snowman:
christmas tree with blinking lights:
bell rings:
garland with blinking lights:
unique tree light gif:

green marble back button:
green marble home button:
green marble next button:
next: knight on horse
next: black with star
back: black with star
links: black with star
come on in: big and purple
next: rose
back: rose
home: rose
back: floral
home: floral
next: floral
welcome: animated
welcome: pink
welcome: titanium
right arrow: yellow and green, animated
right arrow: blue & white, animated light
left arrow: see above
click me: animated
click here now: animated
click here: black & white, animated
click here: yellow & pink, animated
click here: light & dark blue, animated
new: green, animated
new: black & yellow, flash & spark
new: blue & yellow, flashes
enter: blue & white, flashes
construction: sign with flashing lights
under construction: blue & white, animated
email me: sparks
click to send email: blue & white, aimated
send me email: blue & white, animated
email: changes colors
email: neon pink & green, flashes
email: pen writes "email" on envelope


Scott Bakula:
Yasmine Bleeth:
Brad Pitt:
Cindy Crawford:
John Travolta:
Shania Twain:
Harrison Ford:
Claire Danes:
Kurt Cobain:
Carmen Electra:
Nicolas Cage:
Kim Basinger:
Leonardo Dicaprio:
Jennifer Love Hewitt:
Tom Cruise:
Meg Ryan:
Mel Gibson:
Jenny McCarthy:
Austin Peck:
Michelle Pfiefer:
Richard Gere:
Pamela Anderson:
Jared Leto:
Joaquin Pheonix:
Marilyn Monroe:
Jim Morrison:
Alicia Silverstone:
Sam Elliot: