smurfette and vanity with hearts:
king smurf? with word:
smurf with quill facing right:
smurf with quill facing left:
baby with blocks:
animated jokey:
small papa:
astro smurf:
a worried smurf:
an animated smurf:
papa and another smurf:
a smurf facing right:
a smurf facing left:
vanity putting on cologne:
gargamel and azrael:
row of smurfs:
astro and handy:
baby and smurfette with comic books:
baby and smurfette with comic books:
grouchy and baby riding a duck:
baby in highchair:
stork carrying baby:
smurf with comic books:
grouchy at the beach:
grouchy and baby:
grouchy and harmony:
gargamel catching smurfs:
gargamel getting ready to cook smurfs:
gargamel opened jokey's gift!?!:
vanity making something?:
vanity looking in the mirror:
vanity and smurfette dancing:
smurfette and baby:
smurfette kissing another smurf:
smurfette in heart:
smurfette holding flowers:
smurfette holding a caterpillar:

80's Cartoons

Inspector Gadget: logo
Wuzzles: group
Wuzzles: logo
Wuzzles: group
Teddy Ruxpin: logo
He Man: with She Ra
He Man: The Sorceress
Alvin and the Chipmunks: with the Chipettes
G.I. Joe: group
Rainbow Brite:
Rainbow Brite: with Twink, on Starlite
Rainbow Brite:
Rainbow Brite: logo
Rainbow Brite: with Twink and Starlite
Rainbow Brite:
Care Bears: logo
Care Bears: animated
Shirt Tales: group
The Biskitts: group with logo
Snorks: group
Jem and the Holograms:
My Little Pony: logo
Pound Puppies: group
Foofur: group
Monchhichi: group
Cabbage Patch Kids: logo
Garbage Pail Kids: logo
Strawberry Shortcake: with Custard
Strawberry Shortcake: Almond Tea with Marza
Strawberry Shortcake: Apple Dumplin
Strawberry Shortcake: Apricot with Hopsalot
Strawberry Shortcake: Baby Needs A Name
Strawberry Shortcake: Blueberry Muffin
Strawberry Shortcake: Buttercookie with Jelly
Strawberry Shortcake: Cafe Ole' with Burrito
Strawberry Shortcake: Cherry Cuddler with Gooseberry
Strawberry Shortcake: Crepe Suzette with Eclair
Strawberry Shortcake: Figboot
Strawberry Shortcake: Lime Chiffon with Parfait
Strawberry Shortcake: Mint Tulip with Marsh
Strawberry Shortcake: Orange Blossom
Strawberry Shortcake: Peach Blush with Melonie Bell
Beetlejuice: Lydia
A great big thanks to *STACY*, who not only suggested this category, but also helped me find the gifs!! Thanks Stacy:-)


bullet flies across screen, leaves hole:
animated gunfighter:
cow boy winks:
gunfighter faints:
cowboy rides bronco:
animated John Deere tractor:
animated spur:
old barrel:
cowboy on horse:
horse shoe:
John Deere tractor:
black and white tractor:
cowboy with yeehaw:
bulls (b&w):
desert scene:
wanted poster:
cactus scene:
cowboy on bronco:
end of the trail:
cowboy hat:
outhouse (needs light bg):
cowboy on bronco:
cowboy on horse, with lasso:
coil of rope:
armadillo background:
steer skull background:
boots background:
calf roping background:
rope background:
tractor background:
rusty barbed wire:
bullet holes:
line of horse shoes:
rope line:
animated covered wagon:
animated boot facing right:
animated boot facing left:
animated yee haa:
animated mad bison:
coyote wearing bandana howls:
animated wind mill:
animated oil rig:
cowboy ropes bull:
animated rodeo clown:
animated indian:
horse swats flies with tail:
bull snorts:
barn and tractor line (needs light bg):
frog playing banjo:
gator dancing:
turtle playing banjo:
another gator dancing:
coon playing fiddle:
fox playing accordian:
bear dancing:
crow playing washboard:
animated horse in barn:
animated horse in front of barn:
two cows in the back of a truck:
no bull (animated):
those cows in the truck again:
cow eating:
country pig (animated):
animated pink pig:
animated pink and white pig:


angel with flowers facing right:
same angel facing left:
child angels:
angel in white:
animated angel with horn:
angel with flowers kneeling:
angel with horn:
small animated angel:
animated child angel praying:
angel with horn in pink:
small animated angel:
small blinking angel:
animated angel in blue:
silver angel:
gold angel:
angel in blue:
animated angel with harp:
child angel:
angel with flowers:
colorful angel:
angel blows you a kiss:
angel with flower:
animated child angel praying:
little girl angel with curly hair, kneeling and praying:
angel with flower:
animated angel with violin:
all white animated angel:
purple male angel:
small angel with horn in purple:
angel in pink:
animated angel in white:
purple angel:
anime angel:
angel with moon:
angel statue:
child angel holding baby:
animated black angel:
angel with horn in blue:
animated guardian angel:
animated silver angel with horn:
pretty angel:
angel on cloud looking down toward earth:
angel in animated snowdome:
angel with stars:
small angel praying:
animated angel with flowers:
angel in white:
angel with violin and stars:
small angel:
boy angel kissing girl angel on cheek: