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PAGE ONE: animals, Beanie Babies, flowers,plants & trees
PAGE TWO: sports, love and hearts, suns,moons & stars, miscellaneous
PAGE THREE: Gifs From The Darkside
PAGE FOUR: lines/bars, cartoon characters, a few more animals, aliens
PAGE FIVE: southwest, a few x-mas gifs, webpage buttons and signs, celebrity photos
PAGE SIX: Disney page!!
PAGE SEVEN: backgrounds, assorted holidays, television shows, requests
PAGE EIGHT: Pokémon!
PAGE NINE: Smurfs, 80's cartoons, Country & Western, Angels
PAGE TEN: Groovy Gifs, music, even more animals, food & drink
PAGE ELEVEN: people, more miscellaneous, backs & buttons by me, animated fairies
PAGE ELEVENb: Oodles of Poodles
PAGE TWELVE: alphas by Jayme, timepieces by Jayme, Photo Fun by Jayme, custom signature tags by Jayme
PAGE THIRTEEN: fabulous Las Vegas, I love my dog (breed) banners, assorted banners by ~Ginger~, wallpapers by ~Ginger~
PAGE FOURTEEN: animated flags, egyptian, zodiac banners by ~Ginger~


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